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Event Recap (4:28)

*Music credit, local artists and CT Summit performers, Zwelakhe-Duma BLP

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La Subsecretaria de Desarrollo Económico de los Estados Unidos, Alejandra Castillo, compartió con la prensa hispana sobre  el presente y futuro  de las empresas Latinas en el país y en Connecticut, mencionando temas como equidad, acceso a capital y entrenamiento.

Connecticut Network (3:35:38)

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Bordonaro: Swanky economic development summit aims to build momentum for 2022, as we wind down a year of uncertainties.

If you attended the state’s Dec. 2 Economic Development Summit you saw that firsthand. The somewhat swanky event, hosted by the Department of Economic and Community Development, included live bands, a free breakfast and lunch, brewers and wineries offering spirits (even as early as 9 a.m.) and a dressed-up Bushnell theater that welcomed hundreds of guests — many of them top political, economic development and business leaders.

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Fox61 CT En Vivo: Interview with U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development, Alejandra Castillo